Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweat shops

I have started sewing after taking a break for at least 8 years.  I have really been enjoying it and hope that my sewing products may help fund a third adoption.  I have been really busy with the preschoolers, work, Women and Children in Crisis and life in general so I haven't gotten a lot done (that's why my other site is sitting empty right now).  On New Years Day I decided to purchase a serger to make life easier, have to say I do love it and it was worth it.  A few days later M used her Christmas gift card from Aunt CC to buy a My little S!nger, it is so cute and really works.  It warmed my heart that she wanted to be like me, I know in a few years that is the last thing in the world she will probable want to be like.  Our kitchen table is now officially the sewing room with the sewing machine on one end, the serger on the other, a cutting mat in the middle and M's little S!nger on the other side of the mat.

We were both sewing away one night and as I looked at her it hit me, somewhere in the world there is a little girl just like her sewing away not because she wants to be like her momma but because she has no choice.  It really broke my heart and I went to talk to my husband about it and he had the exact same thought watching her sew.  She is four years old and her life is full of fun times making memories but somewhere out there children are working for pennies to help support their family or are working for no wage because they are slaves.  They are being robbed of their childhoods to increase someone else's wealth, to help support their family or to support their family when it is a child headed household. 

I don't know if WCIC has changed my heart or if it was already there but I do know that I feel my heart being broken every day by the injustice of our world.  As Christian's, we need to be doing all that we can to fight the injustices to women and children around the world.  I am so grateful to all the individuals and organizations out there, right now, putting their own safety at risk to be he the voice for the oppressed.  Please pray for my class mates as they continue to seek answers to when they should be traveling, who will be going on the mission, and how will we raise the needed funds for their mission.  If you would like to contribute to their mission please contact me for further information.  I also would like to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and do some research on what is happening around the world and right in our communities to women and children.