Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to start blogging

I started this blog shortly after returning from China. I put all the graphics in place, bookmarked my favorite blogs, etc. and then I stopped. Not because I didn't have something to say, I have two preschoolers so there is a lot to talk about but I was having trouble deciding what to blog about first. Today I have decided I need to get started.

"A Cup Quite Full" came to me after being home from China one week with our second child. It had been a busy week of doctors appointments and getting settled into family life. I was exhausted and was taking a break to read a short devotional and how fitting was it that it was about having a cup quite full. I sat and thought about my busy week and the wonderful blessings that I had been granted in my life; a marriage of over 15 years, two wonderful children brought to us through China adoption, a great job that I enjoy, an overall happy but hectic life. At that moment the busy week no longer mattered because I knew that my heart was full.

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