Monday, April 5, 2010


I LOVE Veggie Tales and highly recommend them to any parent who needs some life lessons for both themselves and their children.

M and E each received a new Veggie Tale DVD for Easter.  Last night I was cutting out some material for a bag (I have finally gotten started sewing again!) and was listening to what they were watching on TV.  It was M's new DVD Abe and the Amazing Promise, we thought it would be a wonderful learning tool about patience, something that I realize all of us our lacking.  As I was listening along I began to realize how much I needed this video as much as my kids do.  I mentioned in an earlier post how I was feeling like a microwave Christian, I want to pray about it and have an instant answer to my prayers.  I have been having such a hard time waiting for our homestudy approval, in the grand scheme of things the homestudy process has gone so quickly.  When I think about how long ago I felt the Lord putting this adoption in my heart, it has been a long time but when I then reflect on how long we have been actively working at making it possible He has answered my prayers quickly. 

Thank you creators of Veggie Tales for teaching this mamma a lesson on PATIENCE!  Hopefully, I can help teach it to my kiddos!

Thank you Lord for giving the biggest sacrifice, your Son, for our sins to be forgiven.  May we never forget the true celebration of Easter, the Resurrection. 

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