Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exciting Thirty-One News

When I joined Thirty-One it was right at the beginning of their recruitment freeze.  Thirty-One made a big decision and decided to put a hold on future recruitment in February.  Due to their huge growth their home office structure was not staffed to support the consultant and customer base as efficiently as they would like.  While many companies would continue to focus on growth they decided to slow down and focus on support.  That right their made me realize that Thirty-One cares about their customers and consultants.  In April we learned that they will open up recruiting in August just as the new catalog is being launched.

I have great news for all of you that are considering a personal Thirty-One business!  Starting tomorrow May 4th Thirty-One will open up the official "Ladies in Waiting" list.  In order to start your business as soon as recruitment is open you need to be on this list.  Send me an email at acupquitefull@cableone.net if you would like more information about getting on the wait list.

Thirty-One has allowed me to continue to do all that I can for families adopting.  My Thirty-One business has allowed me to do more to help families adopting as well as for organizations that assist orphan care than ever before.  I am very passionate about adoption, orphans and vulnerable children.  I am so grateful to Thirty-One for the opportunity it has given me.  Check out my website mythirtyone/com/MandieMetier to see which organization or family I have partnered with each month.

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  1. what a blessing you are Mandie-- thank you for all you do!!!