Sunday, January 1, 2012


My friend introduced me to having a word for the year last year.  I didn't really pick a word for this last year, we had so many things going on, life was really at an overwhelming point.  How could I choose just one word.

I have been so excited for 2012.  For weeks I have been thinking about all that is in store for our family in 2012 and the word GIVE has been so deeply in my heart.  I was thinking about my word for 2012 and I could feel the Lord impressing GIVE in my heart even deeper.

I have been thinking about all the ways we can GIVE to others.  Not just in a monetary sense, while that is really important, we can give so much more than all the money we have.  I am talking about giving with all of you, walking through the day looking for all the ways that we can give to others, our family, friends, strangers, etc.  Seeing that person in the store parking lot that could use some help loading something into their car, they could probable figure out a way to get it done themselves but just imagine how much you could bless them by lending them a hand.  Walking into work with your coworker who is carrying a few to many things and grabbing the cup of coffee they have perched on top.  Seeing someone on the side of the road who could use a little extra something, a few years ago I drove around with some coats in my car and handed them out to people I saw that could use another layer, time to stock my car again!  The mom in McDonalds that has her hands full and could use two more hands as she gets her kiddos bundled up to go.

All these ways of giving may seem so small in our day to day lives and easy to forget but they could also be the best part of someone's day.  Just think of all the Jesus has given to us, we may be showing a little Jesus to that person at just the time in their life that they need it.

As a parent I know that my daily actions hold the biggest impact on my kids.  I pray that by modeling a giving heart to my kids they will be more giving in their days.  My oldest daughter gets citizenship awards at school, "dragon eyes", for doing things that we should really be doing all day every day.  She is on a quest for dragon eyes and will come home to tell me how many she earned each day.  While I love that the kids are recognized for their actions I want these to be a daily part of our lives without recognition.  I have been following a family that did something very similar this during Christmas.  It was awesome to see some of the things that they did and how small they may seem but what a huge impact they can have.

What an amazing year 2012 will be!  What is on your heart for 2012?

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  1. LOVE your word~ Give. I already see this in your life as you GAVE to us when going to get WP. I know God will bless you and your precious family as you focus on Give in 2012! My word is Grace and will continue to have a huge significance in our family in the coming weeks as I share what is going on with us. Blessings and love this year! XO