Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Journey to Simplify

As you probable have noticed by now I really enjoy A Place Called Simplicity a lot.  Linny and family live their lives for Jesus and I love the ministry of her blog.  I don't know if she calls blogging a ministry but to me it is.  She has taught me so much about listening to God and acting on what he is speaking to us about.  She has been instrumental in a lot of changes going on in me and my family.  It really all started with her Crazy Love post and it just keeps going, she is writing about the things that are in my heart. 

I have been feeling the need to simplify our lives.  We are a family of four with enough possessions for a family of at least six if not eight.  We live in a modest size home that is stuffed to the gills with THINGS.  They are not cherished things, most of them are not things we can't live without and we somehow keep getting more things.  We just had a wonderful huge yard sale of things that were donated from others and a few things from our home, mostly things from the attic but not the things that are making our lives hectic and are consuming our thoughts and energy. 

I have been feeling so overwhelmed by the messes that are all over our house.  Our children do not treasure the possessions that they have, they have so many they can't keep track of what is precious to them.  Unfortunately, I am certain that the rest of my family is not yet in the place that I am.  M did go through her room and parted with a grocery bag of odds and ends from her room but that is just a small tip of the ice berg.  My family really likes THINGS.  I remember when we moved into our house we moved from a much smaller house and so much of our house felt empty, eight years have passed two children have joined the family and the house if full.  I have found myself dreaming about our old smaller home, wishing we were in a smaller home.  The American Dream is usually to have a bigger house and I am dreaming of a smaller house. 

With all major life changes small changes start the process.  I am hoping that by clearing out the THINGS that I have excess of or have not used in a long time I will lead the transformation of our family.  That we can simplify our lives, be happier with each other not with the things that own us.  I had been changing some of our spending habits by making our own laundry detergent, using foaming soap that I make myself instead of buying a new bottle,  each time we run out but those are very small changes, it is time for our family to make some really big changes. 

My prayer is that by the time we are ready to our fall fundraising yard sale that we will have a great amount of things for sale from our own home.  That our excess will help us bring our daughter home.  I encourage you to follow along with Linny as she shares her experiences in Simple Living, I know that I will be.


  1. Mandie,

    Thank you SO much for sharing! Certainly dreaming of a smaller home {to me} means that God is doinga simplifying work in your heart....

    And I will mention that in the past, when the kids had too much I would clean their room when no one was around with a black garbage bag. I could kind of guage what they didn't care about and that went in. No one ever missed anything I took. I used to tell Dw that BLACK garbage bags were my best friends! Might sound mean, but it kept me sane.

    Of course after the fire, we have not filled our home with much - and it feels so good.

    Thank you for sharing your journey - keep it up...people need to hear what's on your heart. xo

  2. I can understand the struggle of wanting to simplify things, but with family members who are not on the same boat... can make it hard and usually nothing gets done. One thing we can do, thought, is we can ask our Saviour to give us wisdom on how to go about it, with His help, all things are possible. :)

  3. Your thingness describes my family to a t. We moved from a big house to a smaller house and had a huge garage sell and got rid of lots of things. Yet my garage is full of boxes. Sitting there unpacked for months. I have started purging again. but have to give it away when the kids are out and about...or they freak....sigh.

    Working on it.

  4. i feel overwhelmed also many times with all we have= and dream of a smaller house too! less to clean, less to hold all that stuff! i just started with a little at a time- purging, not buying without knowing WHERE it was going to go and how much space it would take up, etc. as for the rest of the family...just do YOUR part and they will catch your enthusiasm eventually!!