Monday, July 19, 2010

For my fundraising friends

I ran across Embracing the Least of these from another fundraising friend and hopefully travel companion with our agency Bringing home Ellie blog.  Let me tell you, it spoke to me in such a big way.  If you haven't been a Fundraising Family (FF) then you might not know how lonely fundraising is.  This is not my first bought of fundraising and I can tell you that I am not good at it.  When I fundraised for Team In Training I nearly quit.  Had it not been for my mentor helping me through to the end I know I would have given up.  Running a marathon was by far easier than raising funds for a wonderful organization.

The difference between now and then is God, Team in Training was about me, adoption is about God and his commandment that we take care of the orphans and widows in their distress.  What can be more distressful than living out your life in an orhanage without a family to call your own, without the possibility for an education and a bright future.  From all I have learned from Women and Children in Crisis, the future for these children is very grim, probable horrid.  I know that God has called our family to adopt for a third time in four years.  Adoption unfortunately can be expensive, even when you take out all the frills, and this is a no frills adoption.  This adoption and our second my husband and now my kids have/are staying home.  There is no fancy air accomodations for this mama, I will be going coach all the way on the cheapest air line I'm able to find.  I will not be staying at the well known hotel in Guangzhou but in a much less expensive hotel, no Going Home Barbie for Sophia, she will have to talk E out of his.  But really in the grand scheme of things does a barbie matter, she will have a family to call her own forever and she will have the opportunity to know the love of Jesus, for Jesus does love the little children, all the children of the world!

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