Saturday, July 10, 2010

Upcoming fundraiser!!!!!

Yesterday I nearly started crying when I read my email.  We have been chosen as one of Hip Mom jewelry's first fundraising families.  We should be hearing more about her fundraising program in a few weeks so keep checking back.  She has fantastic jewelry that makes wonderful gifts for others or yourself.  I myself can't wait to spend my birthday money on a little treasure for myself!

Lots of fundraising ideas are floating around in my head these days.  I need to update the ticker but I believe we are at $2500 earned so far.  Another HUGE yardsale is in the works for late August or September, if you are from our neck of the woods and would like to donate items to our yardsale let me know, we are happy to pick up your donation.  My sweet sister S is planning a fundraising dinner for us.  We grew up in a very small town so there is a lot to take into consideration before we jump in full steam ahead.  She has such a beautiful generous heart, once she gets her mind on it there is no stopping her.  Although the auction blog has not been very active yet I still have great hopes for it.  In the next week I have a followers giveaway planned.  It will launch on Saturday July 17th.

My husband has been working like crazy on a shop to raise additional funds too.  If the kids could find something to do to raise money I know they would be doing it too.  It's hard for four year olds to participate but they love to help with the yardsales.  Last weekend I spent 12 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday on a yardsale at the park in my home town.  Although it was a quieter weekend that I had hoped for we still raised $225 and I met a lot of wonderful people.  I really enjoyed the time we spent in the park, the kids had a blast playing tea and dressup with the yardsale items and I had an opportunity to visit with some great people.  Although it was hot and the wind blew constantly it is a memory to charish.  The journey to Sophia is bringing me in touch to some wonderful people.

We appreciate everyone's prayers and support.  Without you we can't bring our baby girl home. 

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  1. Have your kids collect water bottles from neighbors or friends...or relatives if you get a refund for them.