Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kindergarten and Plantar Fasciitis

M started Kindergarten today!  She had a great day and loves school.  She is in all day kindergarten in a Mandarin Immersion school.  She spends her mornings in a traditional kindergarten class and then in the afternoon she is in a mandarin class.  She has wonderful teachers and was so excited when she came home today!  We feel so blessed that we have this opportunity for our children to help them learn so much more about their native country.  Who would have thought that our school district would be able to offer such a great program with these hard financial times.
I on the other hand did not have as great of a day as I found out I have Plantar Fasciitis.  I have had pain in my foot for the past year but it was only there when I woke up.  Well a couple weeks ago it began bothering me more throughout the day and by this weekend I could barely walk.  I ended up getting into the doctor today and I am happy that I have a diagnosis but I am worried the recovery will be long term from what I am reading.  I am on anti-inflamitories and bought myself some nice heal cups.  Now I am on the lookout for some Plantar Fasciitis friendly shoes that are somewhat cute as I will be wearing them daily at work.  Very worried the cute part won't be as easy to find :(   If you have any recommendations for some great shoes I would love to hear them.  I believe my much loved Danskos aren't an option as I was wearing them when the pain began.

To everyone who made a purchase from the Thirty-One Fundraiser to help Wills family bring him home, I appreciate your support of their family.  We were able to raise over $80!!!  While to some that might not seem like a huge figure, to a fundraising family it pays a couple of fees or part of a day in country.  When we were fundraising to bring S home I broke our fundraising down into fees to be paid or days in China.  If we all band together and help pay a fee or contribute to a day in China (or whichever Country/State the family is adopting from) we really can do so much.

An update on E and S.  They are both growing so fast.  E is in the 5's class in preschool and is counting the days until he can be a "school ager".  It has been so hard on him being in a different school than M.  Although they were not in the same preschool classes they were in the same building and spent their outside play time together.  We had no idea how attached to her he really is.  S has settled right into preschool.  She is the cutest student, she is learning her alphabet and her awesome teacher Ms. Kelli is teaching her to sign the alphabet.  Any time you start saying ABC's with her she gets her little fingers going in the signs.  It is the cutest thing!  We are so amazed at how quickly she is absorbing all of this and is now speaking like a little parrot, her brother and sister love teaching her new words.

My Thirty-One team is growing.  Since the recruiting freeze has lifted I have five ladies on my team, very excited to see what's in store for my team of Virtuous Dreamers.  I am enjoying introducing our beautiful products to our area and all the new ladies I am meeting.  I thank the Lord everyday for bringing Thirty-One into my life!


  1. I had to comment after seeing your title. I had plantar fasciitis several years ago--no fun! I no longer have cute shoes but have healthy feet!

  2. What a darling photo of your precious baby! I am in awe that she is in such an amazing school~ would love for my three to have that experience! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of the fundraiser~ it truly is a lot!!! Sorry you are having foot pain and Dansko's would have been my suggestion~ I LOVE mine!!! Blessings!

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