Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirty-One Fundraiser for Olga - Updated Giveaway!

As many of you know my heart breaks daily for the orphans.  My friend Kenlyn shared about a precious little girl that is in need of her family a few weeks ago and she has been on my mind since.  She posted about Olga and her needs here, take a moment and read about her and she will move right into your heart too.

As Kenlyn's has continued to share about Olga I have been asking myself what can I do.  I believe that we can all do something for orphans, we don't have to all be willing to bring the child into our home, it could be as simple as sharing their need for a family or helping a family that has come forward to bring the child home in their fundraising efforts.  In my thoughts of what I can do my Thirty-One business came to mind, the reason that I became a Thirty-One Consultant was to help families fundraising.  At the point that I was thinking about this Olga didn't have a family that was able to bring her home but she does have a Reese's Rainbow fund so the idea of this fundraiser was born.  There is now a family petitioning to bring Olga home however, like so many the funds are not there to pay the immediate fees and they will need our help.

I will be donating all commission (25% of sales) to Olga's Reese's Rainbow adoption fund for all orders placed on my website in November and December.  If you would like to place an order you can go to Olga's Fundraiser on my website and place your order.

To thank you for helping Olga I am giving away the hostess benefits for this event.  Spend $50 $25 your name will be entered into the drawing 1 time.  However, the more you spend the more entries you get!  Spend $50 you get 3 entries, $75 gets 5 entries and spend $100 and you get 7 entries!!!  Now here is what the drawing is for:

1) $25 in FREE Thirty-One (number given away determined by amount of participation)
2) 1/2 price Thirty-One (number given away determined by amount of participation)
3) Opportunity to purchase the Extend-A-Day Tote for $10 ($49 Value)
4) FREE Organizing Utility Tote ($25 Value)
5) Opportunity to purchase a Hostess Exclusive of your choice (number given away determined by amount of participation)

All orders will be placed by Dec 12th in order to allow for Christmas delivery.  As soon as we have $600 in orders I will be placing the ordering and opening a new event and a new giveaway!  Wouldn't it be great to have your gifts give TWICE, once to your loved ones and again to Olga!!!

Please visit my website at: to view the catalog and place your order, email me at if you have any questions.  We have a great array of customer specials: spend $31 get your choice of an All-In-One Organizer, Soft Wallet, Cinch Sac, Zip-Up Pencil Pouch or a Flat Iron Case for $5!

You may have wondered how this fundraiser did, I am very sad to report that there were not any participants.   Olga is still not far from my mind, I know the Lord has big plans for her and with the help of Reese's Rainbow her family will get her home.

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  1. Hi Mandie--we are still selling the What is good? shirts. We actually are placing an order Monday morning. We have been letting some other families fundraise with that design. Email me if you would like to order one--that would be great!
    Thanks, Kelly