Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank you for the Crazy Love

Thank you to everyone who has given us your crazy love over the last few days.  I have really needed it and it has made such a difference.  It has been so wonderful to feel the love of family, friends, and bloggy friends I have never met. 

Since blogging is about sharing I will share some of my feelings over the last week.  I have been feeling pretty emotional, I like to think it has to be the paper pregnancy hormones!  It didn't take much last week to bring tears to my eyes, tears of joy or sorrow.  It seems that there have been a few things more than normal coming at us that could have been very defeating.  At times I did want to surrender but then with the loving encouragement of my family I held steady. 

Having people reach out and show us that they care has made all the difference this week.  When my feelings were hurt last week I cried, when the surgery center said they won't make payment arrangements for our portion of E's upcoming surgery I cried seeing our adoption funds disappearing.  Tonight when we came home and our furnance was out for the second time this winter and at the last visit they told us we probable needed a new one, I didn't cry.  I told my husband we probable need to quit fixing it and just get a new one, it would be horrible if it goes out while we are in China.  Afterwards I reflected on the difference of why I would cry about surgery funds and not about the furnance and I know the only answer is that I have been receiving crazy love.

Linny is really on to something.  Seeing all the crazy love posts and feeling the crazy love in the air has really been fantastic.  Thank you to everyone who posted their needs, supported the needs, prayed for the needs and gave crazy love.

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