Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Year, Lunar New Year, Valentines, Oh My!

Late to post but this was composed in February!

This has been a  very busy month.  We celebrated E joining our family one year ago on the 2nd with a dinner of Mexican Food.  Normally, we go out to Chinese Food for our family anniversary however our Lunar New Year celebration was right around the corner so E picked chips and dip (meaning Mexican).  He has grown and changed so much over the last year, the baby is gone and in it's place is a our little man.

The Lunar New Year celebration was so much fun.  The kids woke up on Saturday morning wanting to get dressed for the New Year party.  We managed to keep them distracted minus a nap though throughout the day.  M and I headed out at 3 to get started decorating, I was in charge of the Tiger Mask and Bracelet craft.  The fun began at 4:30 and boy was it fun.  We had a dance/marshal arts group come and do a presentation and they did a dance that had all the kids attention.  We were able to meet teachers from the local Mandarin Immersion school that we are hoping to send our kiddos to.  And to top it all off the kids got to hand out and have a good time with families that are very similar to ours. 

Valentines day was a lot less busy other than we were at Nani and Papa's remodeling their bathroom.  I so wish I would have had my camera ready to get a picture of M taping the walls with her dad.  She loves to work right beside her dad doing all the remodeling projects and building furniture.  I have pictures of her helping install our hardwood floors at a little over a year old.  This would have made a great shot for the collections.

M and E shared Chinese New Year with their classes yesterday.  They had such a good time making more Tiger Masks, reading about Chinese New Year and sharing a snack of fortune cookies.  They both love being Chinese and I hope that we can continue to encourage them to learn more about the culture and to embrace it.

We had a six month follow up with M's hematologist yesterday.  She has been 1 year since her last treatment for ITP and looking good.  Our next follow up will be in a year as long as she doesn't have any bleeding issues between now and then.  It is looking like she has been healed of it, her plateletes are the highest they have been since April 2008 when she was diagnosed, and this time it was without any medications.  Praise God for His wonderful healing.

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