Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Families raising funds

I follow a great deal of blogs regularly.  You could say that I have a blog addiction and need a 12 step program!

I would like to spot light a couple of the families that are fundraising to bring their children home.  Please check out their fundraisers.

More Kids 4 Me, Anne has become such an inspiration to me and close friend.  It will not likely be possible that we travel at the same time which I am quite sad about but I can't wait to see Ellie in her arms.

One More Ladybug, Connie is another inspiration, they have stepped up to God's calling big time.  I believe they are working on bringing home baby number 9 right now.  I love big families and I have a special place in my heart for big families formed through adoption.

Purpose Driven Family,  Holly and family have been doing many different fundraisers to bring little Elliana home.  They just finished up a big auction fundraiser and are still doing their puzzle fundraiser and other things.  Check them out.

Because We Are Led,  they have several fundraisers going on to bring home Michael.  They have some fantastic shirts, totes, coffee and other things going on.

Red Thread Stitches, Robin and family have quite a few things going on to bring Liliana home.  She is having a skirt sale and selling Show Hope shirts.  This is one amazing momma, I love chatting with her on email and watching her heart for her girls on her blog.

Keep watching as I share more families that have caused me to need an intervention (just kidding!).

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  1. i need a 12 step program too, i have several I have to check every day! thanks for commenting on my blog, nice to meet ya!

    and i kinda liked the way you put it because lately I have been feeling like that is all I have been doing, getting my heart stomped on. BUT joy does come in the morning-God has something planned!