Monday, September 27, 2010


Right now retailers are not my friend.  Why is that they only keep in stock the expensive models?  The ones that you can't afford when your dishwasher bites the dust and starts leaking on your floor.

Our dishwasher has bit the dust, granted it is 11 years old so I'm sure it has out lived a dishwashers life expectancy.  It just had to die at a very rough time to shell out money on a new dishwasher.  I had dreams of one day buying some higher end appliances to help with resale of our house, but that was planned for a few years down the road, not right in the middle of working out the funds to bring Sophia home.  So we headed out Saturday after soccer to find a dishwasher.  We found one that is not an upgrade by any means but it will wash dishes and that is most important.  We were really needing one this weekend because of the hours that daddy works during the week.  We were praying it would be in stock but lo and behold the only ones in stock are those that run in the $700+ range.  So we had to order the $350 dishwasher, in the mean time daddy pulled the old one out and disconnected everything so as soon as the new one gets here he can install it.  Unfortunately, the drain connection for the dishwasher is uncovered and it decides on occasion to spew water underneath the cabinet.  So washing dishes leads to pulling everything out of the cabinet to mop up the water.

Regardless of all of this I am thankful we realized the issue with our dishwasher as soon as we did.  When it was pulled out we saw that it had started to leak water underneath it.  Who knows how long until it would have started to travel underneath the kitchen floor. 

Now for some wonderful weekend news.  E played soccer!!!!  He actually played in the game.  We were so proud of him and he had a really good time.  When he decides to do it he is a great little soccer player.  M decided to be the photo journalist for the game.  She had a great time snapping photos.  Each of the kids wanted to take a picture with the mom.


  1. look at those cute kiddos! Love it! Ugh, sorry for the dishwasher - doesnt it always happen like that.

  2. We lost our dishwasher and washing machine during this adoption!! What is it about adopting that makes major appliances break??? :)

  3. I've been getting hit with "unexpected expenses" as well...a plumber, a new printer, a CD-Rom drive so that I could install the software for the new printer. It all happens at once! And each time I've been afraid...afraid that God can't (or won't) provide for both the adoption and all these "extras". But He is showing me that He WILL provide for ALL of my needs, and ironically enough each little "thing" is a reminder of just how great a provider He is!