Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jesus was all around us

Our first fundraiser, a yard sale, was a huge success.  By huge you just have to see the pile of blessings we received from family and friends.  So many times I would walk into our stuffed two car garage and would just feel Jesus all around me.  The majority of our sale was donated, we wouldn't have had enough rounded up out of our own home to have a fraction of what we had.  It was just so stinkin amazing to me all the people that called and said they had stuff for us.  Each day as more arrived or I brought another load home my husband was about to have a heart attack but I just felt love all around us.

We started the sale on Friday morning at 10 am.  We had a bit of an interesting start to the day when Tri our corgi bit my mom and tore her finger.  I new for sure that a trip to the emergency room was in our morning agenda but after her shower we took a look at it and thought a band aid would do the trick.  I think she probable should have had a few stitches but I pray that her finger will heal quickly.  We headed outside to start putting stuff out right about 8am and by 8:30 we had people showing up.  It took us until 11 to get everything out and ready but shortly there after it was a steady stream.  My mom, sisters and my brother in law were there to help me on day one and I couldn't have done it without them.  At one point we had a traffic jam in front of our house.  I ran to grab my camera but I couldn't get it quick enough.  Here is
what I could get.
We opened on Saturday at 7 am, not something I will do again as we didn't get any real traffic until 8.  We also tried selling Just Love Coffee too and that wasn't as big of a hit as I had hoped for.  We were trying to get our ongoing fundraiser out in the community but I don't think we will see any sales from this.  On Saturday my husband, both of my sisters, their husbands and my cousin and her husband (they drove 100 miles each way to help) were all out managing the shopping crowd.  Friday was a busier day overall which was quite surprising to me.  In the end we made nearly $1400, only Jesus could bring this kind of success.  I have had two yard sales before this and they both earned less than $100 each.  I told myself a few years ago I would never do it again but then I really felt we were being told that we needed to do a yard sale and open up to donations from anyone who wanted to be involved.  Wow, look what happens when you put your trust in the Lord. 

My bloggy friend told me when He gives a vision He provides provision.  I have to say she has taught me so much about trusting the Lord and following His will.  As humans we want to be right, to know what is best for us.  The Lord sends you into situations that are outside of your natural comfort zone, he grows you in ways you didn't think possible and in ways that you would not have chosen for yourself.  When we listen to him and do the works he created us for it is amazing how much your life changes.  I have been following Linny's posts on "How to hear God speak" while I know I have so far to go to have the relationship with Christ that she has I have learned so much about listening to him, No Matter What.  If He is telling you to love people, then love people, that in itself seems to be the biggest thing he has been speaking to me about.  I am finding when you love others before long you start feeling His love coming at you from all directions.

Thank you to everyone that donated to our huge yard sale.  Thank you to everyone that helped us during the busy days.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us.  Thank you to everyone that loves us.

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