Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little late....we are DTC!

With the yard sale preparation I am really behind in all things.  Most importantly in posting the milestones we have passed.  On May 21st our dossier went to China - DTC.  Hopefully, in the next week or so we will hear that we have a log in date - LID.  We are now able to be matched when the next shared list is released in June.  Although we are hopeful for a match in June we know that only the Lord knows when our daughter will be released to the shared list.  We felt him telling us to hurry and we know that He has a child planned for us that we needed to be ready for.

Now that the yard sale is complete I will be concentrating on sewing until the next yard sale in July.  Watch A Cup Quite Full Creations for new items coming soon.

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  1. Congratulations, Mandie, on being DTC! I know you're anxious to be LID and to find your daughter! Can't wait to read all of this has come to pass!

    Have a great week!