Monday, May 10, 2010

Many blessings!

Although there were many emotional trials for me over the last month I have also had some wonderful memory making going on too.  Mother's Day weekend was a wonderful joy around this house.  Time spent with my children, husband and family is always wonderful!

We started the celebration the weekend before.  M was having a rough week at school and really needed some mom and M time so on Friday I picked her up early from school and we had a girls afternoon.  We met up with Nana and Other Nana (my mom's sister that could be her twin, just three years apart) and had lunch, did some furniture shopping, had pedicures (M's first) and then ended the day replacing the toilet and going to a trunk party to buy some clothes.  We all had a great day and really enjoyed the pedicures, M thinks all Fridays should be girl days.

We started Mother's Day weekend off with our local Race for the Cure.  We had a great morning of family time and had lunch out.  The kids enjoy it and it is a wonderful tradition my mom and I started in 2000 and they haven't missed a year since(I missed last year with my husband having emergency back surgery).  On Sunday morning we were up bright an early meeting Grandma Jo Jo for breakfast, a quick stop off at the fabric store (my favorite place on earth) then off to church.  After church we came home and made lunch/dinner of mexican food and my sister and family came over as well as Jo Jo to eat with us.  After dinner husband, M and E and my sister's family all went out on a bike ride and I took a nap.  It was a wonderful weekend enjoying my family and being thankful for them all.

We have also been very blessed with all the donations to our yard sale.  So far we have picked up four truck loads for our sale and have had some deliveries made to us.  We still have a few folks to pick up from and more people planning to bring things our way.  Here is a little glimps of the unorganized yard sale.  I will share with you the end results on sale day.

How blessed we are!  Now off to get organizing.

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