Saturday, October 9, 2010

Care Package and Update

We sent little Miss a care package through Red Thread China.  When I contacted Ann it was right during the National Holiday and pretty much everyone was on Holiday for a week.  Ann was so wonderful and responsive and emailed me right back explaining that the holiday would slow down getting an update but she would contact the SWI on October 8th as soon as everyone was done with the holiday.  It was so wonderful and really a surprise to wake up today to an update and new pictures.

Sophia is 19 months and weighs right at 20 lbs.  She is on the tiny side but she looks so healthy.  We are so grateful for the wonderful care she is getting.

Looks like she has the karate moves going on!  She will fit in with our wild crew just fine!

We are currently waiting on our Article 5 to be complete and will be picked up by our agency next week.  I'm not exactly sure what an Art 5 is but once it is picked up it will be sent to the CCAA who will then issue our TA.  The wait for TA from Art 5 looks to be about 2 to 3 weeks so hoping for TA by the end of October and then our agency can request our Consulate Appointment.  Once we know when our CA is then we can work out our tickets and reservations.

We are so close to you baby girl, we can't wait to have you home.

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  1. What a nice gift for YOU to receive during the A5 wait! She is absolutely precious!!!