Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovin S!

So we have been going through lots of changes lately.  Some of them have been done because of our pending arrival as we prepare for little sister to arrive home.  One of the major changes is that M and E are now staying with my sister S and her daughter T during the days instead of going to preschool.

S is definitely more qualified to be with my kiddos all day as she was a preschool teacher before they moved.  My kids are loving their days with her.  We can't believe the change in their attitudes at the end of the day.  But the biggest change is in the mornings.  M is not a morning person, she would not help get herself dress and usually cried.  Now she wakes herself up, helps get dressed and tells me to hurry up as she has a busy day today!

E is a morning person however he hated being seperated from me each morning and would get very clingy and cry.  Most mornings he would be upset because it takes too long for me to get home from work.

Well this morning as we are heading out the door E asked where we were going and I told him to S and T's house.  He asked if I was going to work and when I said yes he said will it take too long.  Unfortunately, or so I thought, I had to say yes.  His response was, "Yeah!  I love S's house!"  Then when I drop the kiddos off M tells me I need to leave, that I am going to be late for work.

All I can say is we are blessed beyond belief.  I had no idea how hard preschool was on my kids until they are no longer going.  They really needed more one on one and more love from family.  It is so nice to have fun loving kids again at night too.  Thanks so much S for doing this for us.  You are loved beyond measure! 

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