Saturday, October 23, 2010

It was a great day!

We started the day with our final soccer game.  E didn't spend a lot of time playing, more time crying but he stuck it out until the end of the season.  Daddy was a wonderful coach.  He did such a great job encouraging all the kids.  The funniest moment of the game is when daddy headbutted the ball without trying.  Everyone thought it was fun.

We left the game and headed to get our pumpkin for a pumpkin carving party in the afternoon.  We went to M's best friend M's house and the kids had a great time.  These two have been best friends since the day they met at daycare.  Neither of them go got preschool together anymore but they are still the best of friends.  They had so much fun carving pumpkins, riding bikes, playing in the yard and then the highlight for M, M and E was light saber fighting with daddy.

They had a hard time leaving M and can't wait to get together to play again.  We headed for a dinner just the four of us at On the B*rder and then headed home to snuggle with mom and dad to watch Marmaduke.

Sitting eating dinner I realized that at about that time 4 years ago we were heading to a banquet room in the Golden Resource Hotel in Chongqing China to meet M.  M's forever family day is October 24th, so pretty much the same as the evening of our anniversary.  Our lives changed forever 4 years ago when we became a family of three.

The weekends we have left as a family of four are counting down.  Next weekend we will be at Nana and Papa's house for a bonfire on Friday and some fence fixing on Saturday.  More fun family memories to be made.  After next weekend we will all be getting our house ready for mommy to be gone for a couple weeks, packing and doing last minute shopping.  We are getting so excited to bring Sophia home and start making memories with her.

What a great Anniversary of our marriage and of the beginning of parenthood we had today!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! We love the Golden Resources hotel...many happy memories back in October 2006!

    Godspeed to your Sophia!!