Sunday, October 17, 2010

This weekend was suppose to be a internet free weekend but with all that is going on over at My Cup Overfloweth I had to spend a little time on the internet.  But compared to most weekends I did very well at my steps to internet/blog recovery program!

We did a lot of snuggling, movie watching and nest making.  At the time of the pictures M and E were watching Dinosaur Train.  Maybe they thought they were baby dinosaurs.  We watched the new Karate Kid four times this weekend before it went back to Red B-x and we also watched Furry Vengeance twice.  Have to say E and mom like Karate Kid the best.  Don't know if it seeing China again or if it is Jackie Chan but this is one that we will be buying.
I hope you all had a blessed and relaxing weekend.  Now on to another busy week for mom and dad and great days with S for M and E.  Gymnastics starts tomorrow!

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