Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too busy!

So E has sounded like he has allergies for about 6 weeks.  We have tried every allergy medicine available over the counter and nothing was helping.  Earlier this week he told me that his ear was stuffy.  Well, that shouldn't happen since he has tubes in his ears.  He had a follow up appointment set for December with his ENT so I called to see if they should see him earlier to check out his stuffy ears and to see about different allergy meds.  As I was talking to the nurse she noticed he still had his adenoids so she scheduled him to come in and get his adenoids looked at today.

We get there and it is very apparent to everyone who sees him that he can't breath.  The doctor starts checking him out, ears look good, nose is completely dry.  She has him open his mouth and then tells me to come and take a look. My poor little man has a very small opening in his throat, his tonsils are now touching.  They have grown HUGE and they aren't infected or inflamed.

E has now been scheduled for a tonsilectomy.  The next opening they have was for Nov 23rd, I will probable be in China around that time or leaving very soon there after.  So they decided that we should probable wait until December.  He is scheduled for Dec 14th that is if our TA can get here and I can get back in time.

Praying our TA gets here quick.  This little man will need his mama for his recovery.  I tell you when I get busy I get busy.  This is reminding me of daddy's back surgery and E have urological issues all at the same time.  Praying this all slows down, it's too hard for me to be at two doctors at the same time.  Lots of prayers please!!

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  1. Another thing to make the TA wait agonizing...I'm so sorry. I'm hoping that next week brings good news for all of us!