Monday, January 17, 2011

All is well with the kiddos at preschool.  M saw her teacher and took off as soon as we were in the door.  I didn't even get to walk her to her classroom.  E was happy to be there but we had to follow our tradition of whining so mommy won't leave.  Once I stepped out of his classroom he was back to normal and it was as if we hadn't left in October.

All of the two's were in class together having snack and doing flashcards.  Normally they are divided in half with younger two's in one room and older in another but they were having dance class in S's class.  It was nice to go in and sit for a while with my niece T helping S transition into her class.  We then went outside to play for a bit and came back in for art time.  She was doing so well that I walked down the hall for 15 minutes.  She didn't even notice I was gone.  I decided I would leave her for an hour and run home do to another load of laundry.

I got back to school right after lunch as S's class was laying down for naps and E's class was heading outside to play.  Everyone was doing great and S was sitting on her cott just like the rest of the class.  Her teacher said that she hadn't cried once, she did want to be held quite a bit but Miss S loves to snuggle so that wasn't a problem.  All of my kids have had Miss S and fall in love with her.  For a while E was going to marry her!

I picked up S to come home with mommy for a nap.  Pretty certain she would have had no problem at all staying in her class for nap time but mommy needed just one more nap with her little one.  The bigs were so glad to be back at school but S doesn't know that she can stay all day!  Mommy needed just one more day.  My babies are all growing up on me.

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