Monday, January 24, 2011

Congee Challenge

Check out this blog this sweet little girl is doing what she can to help others.  She is currently working on a congee challenge to help a family that is adopting from China, not her family but another family, gotta love her heart as I'm sure Jesus does too.  She is working so hard to raise $200 by Jan 27th and if she raises $400 her dad is jumping in on the congee challenge.

Our baby S was receiving two things for nurishment in China consistently, formula and congee.  Once she started eating all the different foods available to her off our plates congee was dropped quickly.  Imagine eating congee day in and day out every day of the year.  Sharaya is willing to try it for three days, not many 12 year olds in the US would be willing to do this, think of the 12 year olds in China that have no other food choices.

Jump on over to Sharaya's blog and make a donation.

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