Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to M!

M is five!  It's hard to believe that my first baby is five and will be heading to kindergarten next August.  M believes in the birthday week I have learned so every day is her birthday starting on Thursday evening (her birthday was Friday) and heading on into Sunday at least.  We had a family dinner on Friday and will have a little get together with our extended family and a friend tomorrow.

Many changes coming to our house this next week.  Daddy starts a new job on Monday and the kiddos head back to their preschool.  M and E had been staying with my sister S for the last couple of months.  S is now working outside the home so all the kiddos will be going to M and E's old preschool.  We left the preschool because of the awesome opportunity to have them spend the days with their aunt and cousin so we are happy to return and so grateful that they have room for us.  It is a great school and M had gone to it since she started their infant care at 11 months old.  All of the kiddos have been staying home with daddy or mommy since I returned from China (isn't the picture of daddy and S so precious, he loves their snuggle time).  This is going to be a huge change for our little S as she hasn't stayed away from us since we were united.  Praying that she makes the transition well, she has come so far in nearly two months.  She has turned into such a confident little girl.

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  1. Hoping the kids do great with the changes, Mandie! Sophia looks like she is doing well!!! Charlie and I laugh when we think of our times in the HI Shifu lounge with her following you like a little bird...What a precious memory!
    Miss You guys!
    Mary Kate and Charlie