Friday, August 13, 2010

Help bring home Ellie

I have met a wonderful person and friend, Anne, through our journey to Sophia.  We were both up on June 21/22 you could say late into the night or early into the morning hanging out together via email.  I have no idea how many emails went back and forth between us as we waited for a call from our China Coordinator.  We notified each other immediately upon our matches and have been hanging out together through the process since.  This is one lady I truly hope to get to travel to China with.  Unless something happens almost immediately with our LOA that may not happen but I am praying we can spend a week together in Guangzhou getting to know one another and enjoying our beautiful baby girls.

Anne and family are fundraising families just as we are.  They have some great fundraisers going on right now.  Please check them out here.  I know our girls will be wearing some of the cute clippies that her friend at Yogi & Cecils' Clippy Creations are making for her fundraiser.  This picture is a small representation of the beautiful items they have.  Please help Anne and her family bring Ellie home.

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