Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orphan Sponsorship

There are two organizations that are very dear to my heart.  E's life was changed and made so much better by both organizations and we will be forever grateful to them. 

E went to live at Philip Hayden Foundations Shepherd's Field Childrens Village when he was 15 months old.  The earliest picture I have of him is the day he arrived at SFCV.  He came to them such a tiny little guy and they showed him the love of Jesus until he was matched with a family and had to return to Jiaozuo two weeks before we arrived.  He then went and stayed with a wonderful organization Eagles Wings China where he stayed until I arrived in Henan. 

Both of these organizations do wonderful work in China for children that would otherwise be forgotten in an orphanage.  They work so hard at earning the support for these children as they pay 100% for their day to day support as well as raising the funds for the medical intervention these children desperately need.  It's amazing how much they do for the children on very limited budgets, glass eyes for children who are missing an eye, open heart surgery for children who wouldn't be able to make it without surgery, cleft lip/cleft palate surgery, and encouraging the orphanage directors to prepare the childrens file for adoption that there is a family out there waiting for the child.  Won't you consider improving the lifes of orphans in China through one of these organizations.  There are many ways to help, sponsor a child, sponsor an ayi (nanny), one time gift giving, corporate sponsorship.  Both organizations are working on big projects and could use your help.  Eagles Wings is planning a school not just for orphans but for special needs children in general living in Jiaozuo, a family will be able to send their child to school when they would not be welcome in the standard public school.  Philip Hayden is working on a vocational training school to teach job skills to those that may not be elligible for adoption.  They could both use the help of all of us!

Adoption is not something that every family can do, I hope that I have shared with you something you can do to make a difference in the life of an orphan.  You may not have a heart for China they way that I do so I would like to encourage you to look into a ministry that does speak to your heart.  We support both Philip Hayden and Eagles Wings and feel very blessed that we are able to continue to help those that have not joined their forever families.

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