Monday, August 16, 2010


There was a very large batch of LOAs that arrived in the US today but ours wasn't in it.  I am trying to stay hopefull for later in the week as next monday marks 60 days for us.  Praying for good news later in the week.

M had a bit of a rough day today.  By 8:15 this morning she had had two bloody noses and had petechiae on her cheek.  Usually the petechiae is on the roof of her mouth so I didn't think we had low platelet issue when I dropped her off at preschool after her first bloody nose but asked her teacher to let me know if her nose started bleeding again.  Sure enough, I hadn't even made it to work and had a call from her teacher.  I checked in a little after 9 to see how she was doing and was told her bleeding had stopped a few minutes before but she wasn't acting her normal self.  Our standing order had expired at the lab so I waited for her hematologists office to call back and then headed out to pick her up for a blood draw.  She is such a trooper when it comes to blood draws.  As we were driving to the hospital she told me if one doctor (phlebotomist) came in the room she wouldn't cry but if two came in she was going to cry.  The last draw she had a month ago she did great with one so I hoped and prayed they wouldn't send in two.  Thankfully, we only had one and she did perfect.  The good news, her platelets came back in the totally normal range, she just has a virus and is already feeling on the mend after an afternoon of resting.

As a mom to kiddos with medical conditions I am always amazed at how well kids do with medical procedures and how it becomes a part of life to them.  It is also sad that blood draws, trips to the hematologist, urologist, vascular specialist, bone marrow tests, etc. will be a part of normal life for my kids but they all seem to do so well with it.  We don't know yet how S will do with it all but my guess is she will take it in stride and not let it get her down.  Shortly after we get home S will have to have an MRI for us to know more about her hemangioma.  This will be the first MRI that our kids will have had so I don't know what to expect, I'm sure she will have to be sedated or at least I hope so in order for her to stay still.  My husband had an MRI and I know how loud they are and that would totally scare her.

Now if our LOA could just get here so we can get another step closer to baby S.


  1. MRI is a piece of cake. They will sedate her, and hopefully, you will get an anethesiologist who is used to working w/ kids. Our's put some yummy smelling chapstick in the mask and let him play w/ the mask before he went in. They called me into the room before he even woke up and I was holding him as he woke up. It's a little less formal than after surgery. We even got to sit in the room while it was being done, but really, I would advise against it. It was super loud even w/ the earplugs, and there's nothing you can do. We were just neurotic first-time parents. :)

  2. Sorry your LOA didn't come in today. I hope it's soon. Waiting through each step is rough. And so are the unknowns of facing your children's medical treatments. I'll be praying for you on both counts. :)