Sunday, August 15, 2010

The weekends seem to be the hardest when you are waiting for something to happen in International Adoption.  During the week you have some hope that you might here something about the next step but the weekend you know all bets are off.  Officially we are at day 54 tomorrow waiting for our LOA.  No new pictures of Sophia and no idea of next week will be our LOA week.  Our coordinator has been on vacation and will return tomorrow so maybe we will hear a small morsel of an update on our dossier status through the process in China. 

What did we do to keep ourselves busy.  Well I had the van oil changed bright and early on Saturday.  Hurried home and picked up the kids to go to my sisters house to do some painting, she is renting a house that wasn't loved by the last occupants.  While the big people painted the little people played some, argued a lot, and watched a couple movies.  Watching E and P fight makes me think that in the end E will like being the only son in this family.  The ended with a trip to Costco, that is always an exhausting adventure!

M lost had lost her voice on Saturday morning when she woke up, could it be from the yelling and tantrums she has been doing a lot of lately!  Daddy is leaving for work very early each morning and it has really been hard on her.  She is a child that likes predictable routine and is use to having Daddy help us get ready in the morning and help her into the van.  We will get use to it but right now it is not bringing out the best in her early morning disposition.

Sunday has been a lot quieter.  M wasn't feeling good, her voice is still gone, so she spent the morning with JoJo while we went to church.  We came home from church, ate some flat bread pizza and then naps for all.  The evening is going to have to be a little more motivated with laundry and a little houseworker before our busy week starts.

In a couple weeks E starts soccer and they will both be starting their first year of Awana.  Personally, I am so excited for the Awana's, I grew up with Awana from my very early preschool days when my mom was a leader long before I was old enough to be in the club.  I hope it brings the lasting memories for them that it did for me.

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  1. This LOA wait is a killer! I'm three weeks behind you and hoping my phone rings today...but I especially hope that this is YOUR week!!!